Rebtel , the cheap internet call provider introducing new special deals to specific countries included India and Bangladesh. This is very useful  for the people who calling their loved ones very often. They can get cheaper rates by buying one of Rebtel’s exceptional country-specific deals. Now this deals available  for Nigeria, Mexico, China, Cuba, Bangladesh, India, Cameroon, Ghana, Kenya, UK and  UAE. Rebtel offering two types of special deals Big Saver and Maxi Saver. The difference between these two are the amount of minutes that you get, the more minutes, the cheaper rate, as simple as that.

The deals to India gives 290 minutes with $4.90 and  1660 minutes with $34.90,  both deals for The call rate will come 1.69¢/min and 1.5¢/min  , This is a good offer  because Rebtel normally charging   2.4¢ per minute to India. Bangladesh Big save offer will gives you 250 minutes with $9.90 and Maxi saver 1000 minutes with $34.90, both for 30 days.  Please keep in mind . minutes you buy are valid during the chosen period and will expire if you don’t use them and  calling rates are valid for both landline and mobile phone numbers.

Now your double the deals minutes with our 100% bonus offer. If you are new to Rebtel, this is golden chance for you .  Get 10$ free credit with first purchase of 10$. This offer only for new accounts and you must submit the voucher code 100%bonus when you signup.

That means you can purchase $20 worth deals at the price of $10 and enjoy the very low rates like below one cent calls to India.

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You can double the all deals minutes  with this offer . The Rebtel special deals complete list read blow.