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15% bonus from Nobelcom

Get 15% bonus minutes and make calls with  Nobelcom , a  calling card service that offering cheap internet calls to around the world. Now they are giving lots offers for new customers. You will get 15% extra bonus with your first two purchases . Once the buying process

Cheap calls to Philippines with Vokka.

More than  2 million Filipinos working abroad  and they always searching for a cheaper  and better option for connect to their  home land. Internet calling charges to Philippines are always high , when we compare to other destinations. In this post we are  giving a happy news

Unlimited calls to India from CoolTalk.

India is the most popular destination of internet callers . In this post  we are  introducing a unlimited calling plan to India. The plan from CoolTalk , that offers free phone calls, messages, and video calls to friends and family within the network and a low-cost International

Free 10 dollar credit from Pingo team  is  very interested to introduce new offers from the internet calling providers. Now get 10 dollar free calling credit from Pingo when a new customer buy a 20 dollar calling card.  Pingo is the best choice for long distance and international calling.  Pingo offer high quality,

5 programs for free credit.

Suggest a calling program to your friends or somebody else. If they use this brand you will get free calling credit. This marketing method called refer a friend program or affiliation program. This is very simple, you just email a link  or share on social media. Your

Amazing deals from Rebtel

Rebtel , the cheap internet call provider introducing new special deals to specific countries included India and Bangladesh. This is very useful  for the people who calling their loved ones very often. They can get cheaper rates by buying one of Rebtel’s exceptional country-specific deals. Now this deals available  for Nigeria,

How to buy VOIP credit ?

How to buy VOIP credit? I am receiving lots of emails with this question. This article for the answer of most asked that question, you can read about buy credit methods . VOIP is an internet technology based service and definitely the most of the VOIP business

Free setup for incoming number

Do you want a international number ? That is the land phone number from US,UK or any other countries. This is incoming numbers also known   DID number , you can receive the incoming call from any where in the world. I was very interested for buy

Enjoy the offers.

Do you like enjoy offers from VOIP companies ? If the answer is yes this blog post for you. I would like describe some VOIP offers from the market in this article. Rebtel 100% bonus offer available now. Get 10$ free credit with first purchase of 10$.

VOIP call charges increase to India.

India is the one of the most popular destination in the VOIP market. Indians are residing almost all countries in the world. Now days internet and mobile internet are become cheap and most of the Indians using Internet calling for connect to their families and relatives in