Do you want a international number ? That is the land phone number from US,UK or any other countries. This is incoming numbers also known   DID number , you can receive the incoming call from any where in the world.
I was very interested for buy a DID number when i hear about this. Skype and other lots of companies offering this services but they are charging the monthly rent around 5 dollar. After a long search i got wonderful UK virtual incoming number in very cheap price. I got this (+441234******) UK land line number from the Localphone company, they are offering incoming number from one of over 45 destinations. They are offering the monthly rent from 99 cents per month and very cheap charges for incoming diverts. You can receive calls on your phone at low international rates, or get free calls with Internet Phone. E.g. If you’re in India and call you from the United States, you pay calling rates to India for the duration of the call. But forward calls to Localphone Internet Phone is free and also they have a free voicemail option. VOIP companies are offering free calls to some countries like US, Canada and UK, if your incoming number from such countries , anybody can make free calls to you from their computer and smartphone. Localcall will deduct the monthly rent from your account balance.
Now no setup fees to pay when you get an Incoming Number before the end of this month. Rent an Incoming Number from Localphone between now and 12pm GMT 31st May FREE of set up charges. You’ll only pay our low monthly fee plus the price of the calls.