Nimbuzz, one of the leading communication program work out to connect the users to their loved ones across the world. Nimbuzz trying to minimize the cost associated with the special bonds you share with your friends and family and Nimbuzz has slashed its NimbuzzOut calling rates by as much as 50%.
NimbuzzOut is a VoIP calling platform that allows Nimbuzz users to call India at prices far below conventional rates. With this move, all Pay As You Go (PAYG) calls will be charged at 1.59 cents per minute irrespective of whether they are calling a mobile or a landline number.
Nimbuzz has always believed that cost is one the biggest roadblocks to a connect world. Millions of Nimbuzz users enjoy affordable calling rates courtesy NimbuzzOut to stay connected with their personal and professional connections.
NimbuzzOut users also have the option to subscribe to minute packs that allow them to further lower their calling costs. A look at the different minute packs that can be accessed on the NimbuzzOut website:
You can make 400 minutes to India with 5 dollars, 900 minutes with 10 dollars and 1900 minutes with 20 dollars.
All packages for 30 days and you must utilize minutes within this time limit.

This is packages good for regular Nimbuzz users because they can make cheap calls from their favorite app.
Rebtel and local phone offers comparatively less rate than Nimbuzz.
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