Rebtel ,one of the first companies to make affordable international calls a reality is now created a special mobile app named Sendly for send prepaid credit to your friends and family abroad. Some VOIP companies are offering international mobile recharge from their credit but first time a company introducing a special app only for this purpose.
Rebtel officials told about this “When we decided to create a new app, we knew there was one service in particular that could really do with a good kick up the you-know-what: transferring credit to prepaid mobiles anywhere in the world.So say hello to Sendly! The fastest, easiest, secureist (is that even a word?) way to send prepaid credit to your friends and family abroad.”

Rebtel creating Sendly to make it as quick, easy and transparent to send credit to your loved ones.  To celebrate this latest milestone, Rebtel has forged a partnership with Unicef Save the Children, where $1 for each of the first 10,000 transactions will go to support the needs of children in the Philippines.

Sendly available for Android and iphone . To up mobile with Sendly is simple as follows.
1. Select a contact from your address book. Sendly automatically shows the names of the people that can receive prepaid credit.
2. Choose the amount. You will see the amount you want send to your friend.
3. Confirm your payment. Use any credit card .
Sendly supports over 50 countries and operators around the world and they keep adding to that list. If your friend does not have the Top up icon to their number, it’s because Sendly don’t support that country or operator yet.
Visit Rebtel    Sign up page for create account. Download Sendly  iphone app or Android app for your mobile.

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