India is the most popular destination of internet callers . In this post  we are  introducing a unlimited calling plan to India. The plan from CoolTalk , that offers free phone calls, messages, and video calls to friends and family within the network and a low-cost International calls, all in one place.
India unlimited plan offering Unlimited calls to India, USA, and Canada.  The another feature  is you will get a Free USA virtual telephone number with this plan.When a customer signs up for India Unlimited Plan, he is eligible for getting a free USA telephone number. Customer must email Cooltalk support to get the free US number. Customer can have his friends and family call him at this number.User can receive unlimited incoming calls in this number. If you want call to any other countries, that is possible at a very low rate with prepaid top-up balance.
Actually unlimited call plan is limited because same like another free calling plans a Fair usage policy apply for this plan. You can make Maximum 1500 minutes call to India with this plan.The price of the Unlimnited plan is $12.99 for 30 days. You have to renew the plan or add credit every month when one of the following occurs. If “Auto recharge feature” is enabled, your plan will be recharged automatically.
CoolTalk offering Call from computer , call from mobile and also make call via access numbers in different countries.
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