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Call directly from your browser

You can now make cheap  Calls directly in your Chrome or Mozilla FireFox browser  with any Dellmont brands. Dellmont sarl is the leading company with more than sixty brands. ActionVOIP, Jumblo, SmartVOIP, Freecall, Rebvoice and other famous brands coming under this company. Now they are offering call

How to buy VOIP credit ?

How to buy VOIP credit? I am receiving lots of emails with this question. This article for the answer of most asked that question, you can read about buy credit methods . VOIP is an internet technology based service and definitely the most of the VOIP business

VOIP call charges increase to India.

India is the one of the most popular destination in the VOIP market. Indians are residing almost all countries in the world. Now days internet and mobile internet are become cheap and most of the Indians using Internet calling for connect to their families and relatives in

SipGo, the universal SIP dialer

Dellmont sarl launched a new universal SIP client named SipGo, it supports most, if not all, SIP providers and offers an app for Symbian/Nokia, iPhone/iPad/iPod and Android devices. Dellmont already released MobileVOIP and Yourdialer but it support their own brands only. Simply install the free SipGo app