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Cheapest packages for call to India.

Internet calling charges to India already increased as you know. But  we find out some companies still not increased their price for packages.  You can still buy cheap India calling plan from Skype and Localphone, both are leading providers in the Market. But we cannot sure how

Internet calling rates increased to India.

Internet calling rates increased to India. India is the one of the most popular destination in the VOIP market. Large number of Indians are residing almost all countries in the world. Now days internet and mobile internet are become cheap and most of the Indians are using

Cheapest call to India with Rebtel

Rebtel, leading internet calling provider offering very cheap calls to India compare to any other companies. They have 3 calling plans for calling to India. Normal Rebtel credit, big saver and max saver are these plans. Max saver plan is cheapest you can call 1000 minutes to

New year offer from Softcall

Softcall , one of the leading internet Call provider introducing you a very special new year offer. They are offering 50% extra credit for you all purchases on new year day. This is only of one day, offer start on 31st December 00.00 (GMT) and end on

Get extra $10 Xmas offer from Rebtel

The Christmas and New Year’s holidays are near to us. Everybody wants to call home at this time and we know you are expecting more offer news from us. Rebtel  have a brand new offer for you to celebrate the great holidays. You will get 10 dollar

Cheap Pakistan calls from Softcall

Calling to Pakistan is very coasty nowadays most of Pakistan callers searching for cheap calling plan for connect to their friends and relatives. This is a happy news for them Softcall announced cheapest calling plan to Pakistan. SoftCall is a Voice over IP Telephony Company aiming to

20% bonus from Nobelcom.

Festival seasons  is nearly  and we know  you are already looking for the best gifts and offers..Everybody is calling everybody in the winter holidays season. That’s why Nobelcom ,  a  calling card service that offering cheap internet calls to around the world present  you a new 20%

Cheap calls from India by Nimbuzz.

Nimbuzz recently launched a special calling program for Indian users for make cheap international calls.  hello ip program launched  by  Spectranet, India’s fast growing internet services provider and  Nimbuzz, the free messaging and entertainment app for the connected generation .This service offers cheap  international calls to mobile

Diwali calling pack from Nimbuzz

 The lights are shinning brighter at Diwali festival in India. Nimbuzz  decided to spread the festive cheer  with the festival of lights, happiness and love just around the corner. Nimbuzz offers wonderful opportunity to get you closer to home so that you can spread the love and

Call directly from your browser

You can now make cheap  Calls directly in your Chrome or Mozilla FireFox browser  with any Dellmont brands. Dellmont sarl is the leading company with more than sixty brands. ActionVOIP, Jumblo, SmartVOIP, Freecall, Rebvoice and other famous brands coming under this company. Now they are offering call