Fring , the one of the leading mobile communication application starts new rule of SIP services through their applications. The fring says “From 23 July 2012, you need at least $3 in your fringOut account to keep using your SIP service”. Fringout is VOIP service of Fring , they are trying to promote their own SIP service. If any anybody want to use other services they must pay for this. But Fring to Fring audio and video call enjoy free of cost.
Now user have two options, use another app or use fring’s paid service. Dellmont VOIP brands ( Actionvoip,freecall,Jumblo ,Smartvoip etc.. ) users can use MobileVoip . Nimbuzz also best alternative for SIP service.Both services will allow you to make use of our SIP services like you’re used to: without any extra charges or new rules. Both MobileVOIP and Nimbuzz are available for iPhone, Symbian, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry!
The second option is pay to Fring , the minimum payment is 10 Euro ,but any user can transfer small amount to another Fringout user account. Creditcard , PayPal, Cashu and Bank transfer payment options are available but the main attraction is they are not charging any transaction fee. If you want use Fring for SIP calls, better way is use Fringout , other wise you need pay for both.