Nimbuzz is most using mobile application in Saudi. But today morning Nimbuzz users cant open program in Saudi. But from midnight Nimbuzz is opening but cant able to make free calls between Nimbuzz and SIP calls. The error massage displaying VOIP audio traffic maybe blocked on your current network. Still you can make IM and other facilities in Nimbuzz. Nimbuzzers in Saudi are hoping will be alright on coming days. . Most of the Nimbuzzers using Nimbuzz for make cheap international call to their country with Nimbuzzout or other SIP providers. But the happy news is another VOIP applications are still working in Saudi without any problem . You can make free video and voice call from Fring to Fring. Also you can make international call with Fringout or other SIP provider. But you must keep 3 dollar Fringout credit for make call with other SIP providers. MobileVOIP application is another best solution for make cheap call. This application support more than sixty brands of Dellmont sarl include ActionVOIP, Jumblo, Freecall, Smartvoip etc. MobileVOIP support almost all smart phone platforms like Android, iphone, Blackberry , Nokia(symbian) and Windows Mobile. Sipgo is another SIP app from Dellmont and it supports most, if not all, SIP providers and offers an app for Symbian/Nokia, iPhone/iPad/iPod and Android devices.
Free calls between apps is another feature of Nimbuzz. You can make free calls between apps facility in Skype , Fring and Vyber , scydo and Mobyler
But everybody like clarity and other nice features of Nimbuzz and waiting hopefully for make cheap call from Nimbuzz.
Visit for more details and download mobile applications for make free and cheap calls.

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